Panasonic Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Panasonic Extended Warranty (‘PEW”) is an optional add-on for selected Panasonic Product(s)’ owners who wish to extend their original product warranty period or procure additional coverage under the existing warranty.
  2. PEW is offered from the time of purchase of the selected Product(s) whereby the purchaser shall be given thirty (30) days from the date of purchase of the Product(s) to exercise his/her option to procure the PEW OR where applicable, the existing owner(s) of the selected Product(s) may purchase a PEW prior to the expiry of the first (1st) year of the warranty of the Product(s) whereby the owner(s) must first produce the original warranty card of the Product(s) and the original receipt of purchase of the Product(s) for verification by Panasonic Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (‘PM’).
  3. An ALL RISK COVERAGE for one (1) year only as provided in paragraph (f) below is an option offered to the purchaser SUBJECT TO the purchaser registering for this offer within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase of the Products(s) to exercise his/her option by registering online
  4. All terms and conditions stipulated in the original warranty card/condition slip of the Product(s) shall similarly apply under the PEW, unless provided herein to the contrary.
  5. PEW is only applicable for Product(s) distribute by PM in Malaysia.
  6. The ALL RISK COVERAGE of One (1) year only from the date of purchase of the selected PEW Product(s) can be claimed only one (1) time and shall cover DAMAGES of the Product(s) caused by “LIGHTNING”, HIGH VOLTAGE SURGE”, “FIRE”, “FLOOD”, “EXPLOSION”, “EARTHQUAKE”, “DENT/CRACK”, “STORM TEMPEST”, “LANDSLIP”, “PEST INFESTATION” or “ACCIDENTAL IMPACT” and subject to additional terms and conditions provided in paragraph (j) below.
  7. The ALL RISK COVERAGE does not include Digital Still Camera and Digital Video Camera.
  8. Upon a PEW Certificate being produced for a claim under this warranty, PM will conduct diagnostic tests on the Product(s) to determine the cause of the failure or defect in the Product(s) before any claim would be validated.
    (i) If PM validates a product under PEW, PM has the following options:-
    (i) repair the Product(s) at the cost of PM, using part or parts which are new or equivalent to new in
    performance or reliability. Any part or parts replaced by PM or by PM’s authorized service dealers shall
    become the property of PM; or
    (ii) exchange or replace the Product(s) with a new product or equivalent to new in performance or reliability (whereby the function, performance and reliability is similar to the original product). PM will not refund the difference between the value of the replacement and the Product(s). The Product(s) for which the exchange is provided shall become the property of PM.
    (iii) the repair or exchange or replacement of the product does not cause the beginning of the new warranty terms, nor shall the original terms of this PEW be extended.
  9. The PEW (including ALL RISK COVERAGE) does not cover the followings: –
    (i) Defects caused by abnormal voltage due to usage of generator, tampering, alteration or repair by unauthorized person, misuse, operation of the products contrary to the instructions contained in the products’ Operating and Installation Instruction, commercial usage, including abnormal long usage hours; or, under extreme usage environmental conditions, improper testing or installation and transportation, demonstration, preventive maintenance services, installation, usage of non-genuine spare parts, adjustment or alteration of any kind, screen dead pixel, damages to any external part of the products as long as the Product is still functional, service discontinuation from 3rd party service provider’s APPs;
    (ii) Stolen or lost resulting from negligence, except for incident happen at registered residential address;
    (iii) Dealer’s display or demo unit.
    (iv) Other conditions and/or situations not mentioned hereinabove shall be determined by PM insofar deemed appropriate in such circumstances
  10. PM may refuse to attend to any product installed in locations which are deemed inaccessible, inappropriate and/or hazardous to the safety and wellbeing of its service agents.
  11. PM reserves the right to bring back the product for further investigation or diagnosis and shall not reliable for any compensation claims due to whatsoever inconvenience caused to Customer.
  12. Customer shall pay for a minimum checking/service fees and transportation fee for any non-manufacturing defect service request to be determined by PM (if any).
  13.  The Customer shall be liable for insurance, labour, delivery and transport charges for any Product(s) sent to PM and from PM to the Customer’s address or such other address the Customer so nominates.
  14. The Customer shall remove any option, feature, parts, accessories or attachments to the Product(s) prior to sending the Product(s) for a claim under PEW failing which PM shall not be liable for and damage or loss of such option, feature, parts, accessories or attachments. The Customer shall also be liable for labour charges for removing and reattaching the option, feature, parts, accessories or attachments of the Product(s).
  15. If PM determines that the claim is not covered under the PEW for whatever reason, the Customer will be duly notified. If the Customer authorizes PM to repair the Product(s) which is not covered under the PEW, the Customer shall pay all the charges for all parts, shipping, and labour for the repair and return of the Product(s).
  16. PM reserves the right to terminate any PEW cover by written notice to the owner in the event that in the option of PM, the Product(s) is used for purposes other than was originally designed. In which case, a refund for the remaining period of the PEW coverage, less an administrative charge of RM 20.00 will be made.
  17. In the event of a product covered by the EW being stolen or lost, PM will undertake to replace a new product as provided in paragraph
    (i). This replacement will be made upon written request by the customer and must accompanied with an original copy of both the POLICE REPORT lodged and PRELIMINARY POLICE INVESTIGATION REPORT.
  18. All prices for the procurement of the PEW may be changed by PM from time to time without any prior notice required to be given to the owner of the Product(s).
  19. Once the PEW application has been approved by PM the premium paid by the purchaser is not refundable.
  20. Any alteration of the PEW information must be made within 14 days from the date of PEW procurement.
  21. PEW selected products are LCD/LED TV/OLED TV (up to 65”), Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air-Conditioning (Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe models and up to 3 HP), Home Theater System (HTS), Microwave Oven and Home Shower.
  22. PM reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions in whole or part without prior notice given.